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Summer Concert, July 2017

Details of how to buy tickets will be posted on the Home page in due course.

18 January 2017 

Past performances

A selection of photographs from our Summer Concerts  may still be found on the following links:

Summer 2014 photos

Thanks to Henk-Jan ter Horst and his daughters for these.

Summer 2016 photos

Thanks to Trevor Sanderson for these.

Recordings of fragments from some performances may be downloaded by clicking the Recordings page. A selection of posters from recent years is set out below.  Just click on the image for an enlargement.



41st Season

June-July 2017

Thursday June 22, 19:45,
Diamanthorst 16, Den Haag. 

Thursday June 29, 19:45,
Diamanthorst 16, Den Haag. 

Friday June 30, 18:30 warm-up,
General rehearsal, Nieuwe Badkapel 

Saturday July 1, 18:00 warm-up,
Summer Concert, Nieuwe Badkapel

Thursday July 6, 19:30-22:00.
End-of-Season dinner
Wok Restaurant 'Rosarium', Westbroekpark.
A short walk from Nieuwe Badkapel, ample parking.
Price: euro 30, before July 1 please. All members welcome.