Perfomances you may have missed...

A video of the Summer 2015 Concert - Arthur Honegger's Le Roi David - may be found on YouTube:

First part: click here

Second part: click here

 A selection of fragments from earlier concerts is provided on this page. You may have missed these concerts - or you may want to recall some pleasant memories. Please note that all the tracks on this site are owned by the Cecilia International Choir of the Hague which asserts its copyright. The music has been provided for your personal use only. Unauthorized distribution/sales is strictly forbidden.



41st Season

June-July 2017

Thursday June 22, 19:45,
Diamanthorst 16, Den Haag. 

Thursday June 29, 19:45,
Diamanthorst 16, Den Haag. 

Friday June 30, 18:30 warm-up,
General rehearsal, Nieuwe Badkapel 

Saturday July 1, 18:00 warm-up,
Summer Concert, Nieuwe Badkapel

Thursday July 6, 19:30-22:00.
End-of-Season dinner
Wok Restaurant 'Rosarium', Westbroekpark.
A short walk from Nieuwe Badkapel, ample parking.
Price: euro 30, before July 1 please. All members welcome.